Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Budget: August and September

We're over halfway through the year, and the budget is showing it. To be totally honest, I'm pretty sure I'll end spending closer to $300 cash on new products this year. That's still better than the $1000+ I spent in 2016, but it's a good bit above my goal.

Let me explain why I think I'll break my budget.

What happened in August and September?

At the end of August, I obtained a second job that provides more consistent pay than teaching. I decided to resubscribe to Sephora Play! because this new job would support the $10.60 a month, and because I figured it'd bring new items in to my collection without requiring a big expenditure on my part. This violates one of my goals for the year ("unsubscribe from Sephora Play"), but because my work situation has changed, I'm not horribly offended by that. Besides, the quality of the boxes has started to improve again--if that trend keeps up, it's worth the ten bucks to me.

I've also been busy creating inventories and downsizing some of my products, especially my fragrance collection. While I've still brought plenty of new products in to my stash, I've also paid off every bill ahead of time; namely, I finally got around to buying a passport, which will be necessary for air travel starting in 2018, and I'll have my credit card paid off at the end of October. (To be totally honest, there isn't much on the credit card; I'm just trying to stick to the "minimum payment" every month to build my credit, and the minimum is pretty low.)

What did I buy?

As I said in my previous budget post, I wanted to make August a No Buy month. I succeeded pretty well. The only things I purchased with cash were staples (although I tried the Verb Sea Texture Cream to replace my previous texturizing products and ended up feeling meh about it) and gifts. I got MAC Rebel lipstick via the Back 2 MAC program, wore it twice, quickly realized the shade looks awful on me, and purged it.

Again, I renewed my Sephora Play subscription in September; I decided to include the October box's cost in this budget review since they charge me on the first of the month. I also used store credit to purchase Glossier's new Body Hero products. And since I'm one of three beauty bloggers who doesn't really care for Ulta, I only participated in one day of Ulta's yearly sale. I used a gift card to get two of the Butter London Glazen Eye Glosses (which I'm very excited to review!) and two Catrice brow products. I used PayPal credit to cover the extra shipping costs.

Because several big sales are coming up, and because I have this sample box full o' stuff to try, I'd like to try another month-long No Buy this October, with the obvious exception of the Sephora Play subscription. Honestly, I don't think it'll be tough. I have to buy a plane ticket, and I'd like to start saving up for a new camera, and those two things will really lock up my account.

Even with this No Buy, I think I'll end up going over the $250 budget because I'll be tacking on another $20 for Sephora Play, and I only have one gift card at the ready for the Sephora VIB sale this November. I'm not upset by the idea of going over by $10-20, since shipping costs and taxes alone can tack that on, but I will be a bit miffed with myself if I don't stay near $250.

How are my other goals going?

I'm down to three mini lipsticks in my collection, so I don't know how well that Project Pan goal will go, but otherwise, we're moving along swimmingly. I expect to be done with both the Glossier balm and the Maybelline concealer come Christmas. I may finish the Milk Makeup Blur Stick even sooner because I've been taking it to work for no foundation days.

I've slowed down on the number of foil samples I'm going through, mostly because I'm left with samples of actives and moisturizers, and I'm busy testing similar products in full size. A friend gave me a jar of the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, for instance, and I only use half a pad each go, so I'm not using my other acid samples. However, I have no doubt that I'll finish at least 50 foil packets by the end of the year.

I've started to come up with some potential goals for 2018. I don't think I'll do another cash budget, but I do have some other interesting goals in mind, like "get down to 5 individual cream blushes" and "don't buy any mascara." If you have any ideas for interesting goals I could try to meet, let me know!

How are your goals for 2017 going?


  1. My goals went off the rails, but I've reviewed and revised and am ready to try again. And overall, I have done what I set out to do, if not to the letter. I won't beat myself over it.

    I still really wish Sephora Play was available in Canada, ugh.

    1. They'd probably charge Canadian consumers more, unfortunately, but I still think a lot of Canadians would want to try the service.

  2. I've been resisting buying some Bite lipsticks for the past few months, and a few of my lipsticks have had to be thrown out (either because I don't like them or because they melted/broke/the cap came off and the bullet got all grotty in my handbag), so my strength is fading fast... Reading this has reinvigorated my resolve to not buy any more lipstick till the end of the year!

    1. Yay! Realizing how long a lipstick lasts can really keep you on track with a no/low buy.