Thursday, March 23, 2017

Return of the Lipstick Diaries #7: Lime Crime Bleached and NARS Charlotte

Sometimes, Lipstick Diaries posts don't help me cull my ever-growing lipstick heard. Instead, they remind me that I already own a number of shades I love and I should wear them more often. That was the case with these two (very different) colors!

First, Lime Crime Bleached. This is probably my favorite Lime Crime Velvetine; it's my perfect nude peach shade. Lulu was lighter, had more white in its base, and was less rosy than this one, which I think is why I liked it less. The Velvetines do have that modern uber-matte finish, and I don't always care for how it looks on me. But I find that the Velvetines play well with gloss and balm, and on days like this when I use shinier finishes in similar shades on other parts of my face (and I maybe overdid it there), I prefer the matte finish.

The other shade is NARS Charlotte, one of my beloved Audacious lipsticks. As I mentioned in my previous Lipstick Diaries post, I'm picky about cool-toned reds these days and seem to prefer something deeper like Charlotte. This color is a chameleon, too: you can make it more burgundy by layering it with a dark red lipliner, or more wine-colored by layering it over a plum lipliner. These lipsticks have great staying power and a really lovely satin finish, and again, this a formula that plays well with gloss and balm.


  1. I loooove Charlotte on you. That level of saturation is perfect. I'm probably going to pick up another Audacious lipstick one of these days, and that might have to be it. And the eye makeup you paired with Bleached looks wonderful!

    1. I'm starting a letter writing campaign to Josie Maran about those eyeshadows, I swear.