Sunday, January 15, 2017

Return of the Lipstick Diaries #2 - Lime Crime Faded and Lulu

For the next page of the Lipstick Diaries, we're testing two of the Lime Crime Velvetines: one is better in the tube than on the lips, the other is the opposite. Faded is a muted mauve that should flatter a decent range of skintones, though it might have too much white in the base for ebony skin. It applies smoothly, wears like iron, and is weightless on the lips. I also think the color is surprisingly flattering on me, given that it skews a hair grayer than my usual preferences. Oddly enough, I find that this shade looks a little better in selfies and on video than in HD photographs. Here's a selfie photo with obligatory Natural Light Abuse:

Cool, right?

Lulu, however, was not quite as much of a success for me. Again, the HD photo is not 100% accurate: it's a bit more saturated and peach in real life, but my camera seems to pull out a lot of the white base. It's another case where selfies seem to more accurately represent the color:

I think the aforementioned strong white base is the root of Lulu's problems. Lulu applied a bit more streaky than my other shades, slightly emphasized and cracked on lip lines, and took longer to dry down. These are all common issues with pastels. It's a neat color, but I think it would only really work if I was wearing dark eye makeup, which I don't normally wear. I'm considering purging this one.


  1. Maybe it's because I'm going through a peach phase like the rest of the internet, but I actually love Lulu on you, even with light eye makeup. Faded is great too, of course.

    1. I think I'm sort of turned off by Lulu because I have other peach nudes that look nicer on me and have less fiddly formulas. I don't HATE it, but I'm at a point where "I don't hate it" isn't enough for me.