Friday, October 25, 2013

Rejoice, for I have downsized further!

...ok, so I got some new stuff, too.

BUT! It all came from swaps, not my wallet. :) I've been really impressed with these Paula's Choice products so far, especially the Hydralight cream, which my lovely swap partner recommended I use as a hand cream. I've been looking for a non-greasy hand cream that has SPF and doesn't cost stupid amounts of money for 1oz of product, and this has definitely fit the bill.

Now, on to the purge!

I really only intended to do some reorganization. I wanted to revamp my makeup bag to better represent how freakishly lazy I am when I have to paint my face at work, and I felt like keeping all of my brushes, lipsticks, and blushes in a drawer just wasn't conducive to stupidly early makeup application.

But, uh...I decided I wanted the whole thing to be stream-lined. So I set out to fill my desktop organizer with a variety of products that'd be necessary if I was in a rush and trying to do an entire face of makeup, but also trying to maintain a certain number of options. And I realized that there are a number of products I don't reach for all that much even if I DO put them on my desk. Maybe they just don't flatter me, or maybe my needs have changed. For whatever reason, I realized, they have to go.

And I ended up with an old towel covered in quite a few purge-able items! Don't get me wrong: I think every single one of these items is beautiful, not least because a good number of them were gifts. But they just don't get used enough, and I have to be brutal if I ever want to move without experiencing another packing catastrophe.

Downsizing has been great for me because it keeps my stash manageable and forces me to use the beautiful, perfect-for-me products I already have. I no longer feel obligated to use a product just because I own it; if I don't like it, I don't keep it. It's been easy on my wallet, too, and that's a balm when you consider the size of my paychecks versus my expenses. All in all, I'm thrilled with my progress!


  1. Good for you for continuing to downsize! I really need to go through my stash and see what doesn't suit me anymore. I've been finding more and more with this fall trend that I just don't like how plums look on me. Also, I just bought that Paula's choice moisturizer for my face! Hopefully it will be a nice moisturizer with spf that doesn't make me look even more oily than I already am. I hope you enjoy it as a hand cream! I've had good experiences with the Paula's Choice products I've purchased in the past.

    1. I've been told it's very popular among people with combination skin for that exact reason: it hydrates, but isn't greasy. I hope it works well for you, too!