Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January 2018 Inventory

There comes a point in everybody's downsizing career when they can't shrink things much further, or at least, they don't really want to get rid of anything else. I'm pretty close to that state right now: I feel content with my collection, and I'm finishing products at a slow but steady pace. That said, I'm hoping to move some time this year. I know first hand how expensive it is to move a large amount of stuff across the country. So over the next few months, I'd like to work on some specific goals and get all of my possessions down to a more move-friendly count.

Now, I thought I was doing an inventory regularly, but apparently, the last time I posted about it on the blog was in July of 2016. I'm updating my goals for now and making note of what I have. In fact, I got rid of a few products right after taking these pictures.

Feel free to give me all of your moving-across-the-country tips in the comments, by the way! I could really use them.


Concealer 4 3
Foundation 2 2
Powder 2 1
Spray/Mist 1 1

This is a category that was once much, much larger and should definitely shrink down even further. I didn't photograph my Clnique Moisture Surge Spray because it didn't quite fit in the photo, but suffice to say that it's now my only mist. My original goal for foundations was three, but I'd like to drop it down to two: eventually I'll find a medium coverage one that I really like.

I'll be downsizing these concealers, too. I'd like to find a replacement "no foundation days" concealer for the Kat Von D (the packaging leaks in my bag constantly), and I'm hoping to finish up the YSL Touche Eclat and the Tarte Shape Tape. Still, that means I had to up my "goal" amount one, since I need a different shade when I'm skipping foundation and I like to have a corrector for under my eyes as well.

The Glossier Wowder is on my finish-up-this-year list. I've been wearing it to work, so I'm making some progress, though admittedly not as much as I'd like. Please enjoy the beautiful reflection on my beat up Dolce & Gabbana compact.


Blush 11 6
Highlighter 4 2

This is a category that expanded a bit more than I expected, despite the fact that I've gotten rid of a decent number of blushes. I'm definitely going to finish the MAC Strobe Cream, I'm hoping to make some progress on the Glossier Haloscope, and the Becca highlighter has to be replaced by the end of the year even if it's not done because of its age. The Make Beauty Custom Effects duo is a new product with a mattifying cream and a highlighting cream; I'm still testing it.

Three of these blushes were sent by Besame. I actually tend to use both the Besame powder blush and the Tarte powder as eyeshadows, but they're technically blushes, so why not put them here? I'm trying not to buy blushes in pans anymore since they aren't air tight like the Glossier Cloud Paints, so I'm going to make as much of a dent as I can in the BBIA Downy Cheeks.


Brow Products 4 3
Eyeliners 2 2
Powder Shadows 16 5
Cream Shadows 5 4
Mascaras 3 2

You'll see three eyeliners here and six cream eyeshadows, but I decided to remove one of each: I've never used the Charlotte Tilbury Black Magic eyeliner, and I think Butter London Starlight and Moonshine are similar enough shades that I do not need both.

I'm most likely going to get rid of almost every shade I kept from the Urban Decay Book of Shadows II. I just don't use powder eyeshadows enough. Also, one of my goals for this year is to avoid buying mascara and just use up samples and freebies; I'll be done with at least one of these very soon. I'm working on finishing the Milk Makeup Gel Brow pencil this year.


Lipsticks18 15
Lipliners 6 5
Glosses 1 1
Primers 2 2

I got rid of the NYX Rose lip pencil shortly after taking this picture. It's a really pretty color, but it doesn't actually go with any of my lipsticks and I never wear it on its own. I'd like to get rid of at least one more, since actually finishing a lip liner takes a long time. I have an eye primer and a lip primer, just one of each, and those numbers seem good to me. And because I'm not really in to gloss, one tube o' clear seems fine.

Lipstick, though? That's my tough one. I got rid of all of my liquid lipsticks. Even though they're pretty, I've just always preferred a traditional bullet. I'd like to finish the Tom Ford Indian Rose sample and at least one of my Glossier Generation Gs, which I think are reasonable goals. As much as I love lipstick, 15 solid favorites seems fine for me, and I'm already thinking of which one I'll get rid of next.


I used to have 18 brushes and I wanted to get down to 10. I currently have 16 because I got rid of the Colourpop brush after taking this picture. (Seriously, that thing is worthless.) I just got the mini Beauty Blenders with a gift card because I like to use a damp sponge for my concealer even when I skip foundation. I'm not majorly in to brushes, but I use each of these enough that getting down to that number will probably be tougher than I thought.

Again, I always recommend that you do an inventory or a flat lay when you're trying to downsize or reduce your spending! With everything spread out like this, it's almost overwhelming how much junk I have.


  1. I remain in awe of your downsizing skills (and your Besame collection!). I barely remember which lipsticks I destashed at the end of 2017, which makes me think that I could stand to get rid of a few more. Honestly, if I kept just my top 20 of my current collection, I doubt I'd miss the others. AND YET.

    If you don't mind my asking, where are you moving this year?

    1. Also, I'm almost done with my UD Revolution lipstick in Rapture and can't decide whether to repurchase Rapture in the Vice formula or try Besame Dusty Rose instead. Dusty Rose looks a bit warmer, though--would you say it's similar to Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?

    2. Dusty Rose definitely read cooler/more lavender-based on me than KKBB.

      I don't know where I'm moving yet, to be honest. Such is the job market right now. But I'm definitely moving in with my partner soon.

  2. This is a really manageable collection! I wish I could be that minimalist with my lip products.

    As someone who has moved cities and even continents 9 times in the past 5 years, starting early with your decluttering is key. If there's anything you're unsure about, make yourself use it and figure out if it's worth taking or not. I inevitably find that even with fairly ruthless decluttering I cart stuff around that I never use, but it's helped a lot when I start early. Packing to move is stressful enough, you don't want to combine that with paring down your possessions at the same time. But I think it's true that if you're not sure about something, you should probably just leave it. Whenever I've moved I always pack in order of priority, and when I get to the dregs that won't fit I realize I don't really care about any of it. Moving so many times has taught me that there are very few material objects that I value all that much... I know how much work (and money...) it is to move very well, and I look at everything I own through that lens: is this worth paying to bring overseas? Is this worth schlepping through an airport? Most things aren't.

    1. I've been meaning to go through my non-makeup stuff again this past month, but life got the better of me. I have an extra day off in February, so maybe I'll do it then!

  3. Wow, I wish I could downsize my collection to this size! My lipstick hoard is out of control.

    My number one tip for moving cities is to pack in organised boxes. Don't just shove things into a box without thinking about what else is in the box. I put my shoes in one box, my pants in another, my photo frames in another. Then on the outside of the box I write a big title in black vivid with what is inside, and number it. Then on a paper list I write the number of the box with a more detailed rundown of what is inside. It seems like overkill, but believe me, when you're in your new place and you're surrounded by boxes and you have work tomorrow and you can't find that pair of pants and that necklace you need... You'll be grateful for that list. It helps you prioritise which boxes to unpack first as well. Good luck!

    1. I usually do the organized boxes, but for some reason, I never thought to make a list! I'll try that. Thanks!

  4. Great post, as always! I agree that laying things out and taking stock of the variety you have tends to quell any "gimme gimme" shopping urges.

    For moving/packing I'd recommend:

    - 1 big box of MIXED categories but STAPLES that you know you will want to use in the 1-2 weeks following the move. That includes your favorite few pairs of shoes, contact lenses, house slippers, whatever things you use daily or frequently. You don't want your favorite few sweaters to be stuck in a giant box of clothing, 90% of which you won't need to unpack immediately. I would say approach this box with the mindset of a 1-2 week "trip" so that it can be almost like a suitcase to live out of. You won't have to stress about locating favorites, so you can approach unpacking in a more methodical way.

    - Besides a "favorites" box, you'll want the rest of your boxes to be organized by room and category (whichever one makes sense for your setup.) Kitchen stuff in one, bedroom stuff in another, living room stuff in a 3rd, electronics/cables etc in a 4th. It makes a huge difference, and you won't be like me, who couldn't find the TV remote control for a month and found it inside the kitchen box under a random skillet that I never use.

    - I know you're already quite minimalist, but I'd say doing a big clearout of all your material goods (clothing, home goods, decor, etc) BEFORE you start packing is a good way to approach the move. Just dedicate a few hours to NO packing/planning for the move WHATSOEVER, and do a good old fashioned sort shit into piles (donate/trash/keep) event.

    1. I have a hard time getting rid of sentimental things. You know, the tchotchkes you get several times a year from the same friend, the friend who KNOWS you don't like being surrounded by stuff, but still buys you little things adjacent to your interests? And because it's from a friend, you just can't bring yourself to get rid of it? That's gonna be the tough part for me.

  5. If you look at it and feel dread about finding a place to put it, it needs to go. But I also love packing - which is good, since I've moved a lot. If I make it to June in my current place, this will be the longest I've lived anywhere since high school (2.5 years is the record).

    I aspire to be this minimalist, somehow, even though it runs counter to who I am. But also I miss the easiness of a smaller collection.

    1. I don't think I'll ever be a true minimalist in any aspect of my life; it just doesn't work for me. But I definitely want to be more aware of what I own and buy, and to only surround myself with stuff I love.

  6. All my moving advice is basically stuff I wish I could go back in time a few years to tell myself:
    1. Packing lists for every box!
    2. Try to spend at least 20 minutes a day organizing and packing things, but don't seal the boxes up yet. If you find yourself looking through your packed boxes for items to use, set them aside in their own box. It's not always easy to identify what should go in your staples box (as mentioned by another commenter) until the moment you need something and have to tear through miles of packing tape to find it.
    3. If you're already renting a uhaul to move, it might be worth taking larger items like mattresses, bookshelves, etc instead of planning to replace them when you're settled in. I forgot how much those things cost until I started looking to get new ones out least one of my brothers has a comfy mattress now that I've left it behind.
    4. Use your clothes/towels to secure fragile items.
    5. Speaking of clothes...Dollar Tree sells those vacuum-seal space saver bags and they're great for packing clothes. They don't last forever but since I have two cats, neither would the $10 bags. They're also great for packing clothes in a suitcase for visits back home, or packing away seasonal clothes in your new place.
    6. And speaking of cats! If you're bringing your furbaby along, it is 100% worth shelling out for a plane ticket and pet fare instead of driving them out. Less time traveling means less stress. If you go this route get her used to wearing a harness if she isn't already, and if you have any layovers make sure you know where the family restrooms are so you can let her out of the carrier for a bit for a treat and come cuddles. Just make sure she doesn't try to hide under an automatic soap dispenser like my cat did.
    7. Look into getting your insurance changed/transferred (especially if you have vital prescriptions or need to get a PCP established right away) well before you move so you can get it done as smoothly and quickly as possible. If you can, make sure you get your meds refilled right before you move so you have maximum possible supply in case something goes wrong.
    8. If you have any heirlooms and the like that you'd rather not move with, and your parents are cool with it, get a good quality storage container to put them in and store in your parent's house. Make sure it's properly labeled so no one digs into it looking for holiday decorations.

    I'm sure there's a lot I'm forgetting but this is already pretty long, sorry!

    1. The insurance is definitely going to be a tricky one for me, but it's at the top of my list. Thanks so much for the helpful tips!