Tuesday, February 9, 2016

2016 Makeup Bag

It's been a while since I posted the contents of my makeup bag, and to be honest, a lot of that has to do with some of my evolving views on beauty. I've realized that I don't use as much makeup as I think I'm going to on trips or when I'm in a rush, so I've started packing far fewer color cosmetics. In fact, there's little enough makeup in this bag that I can also fit my skin, body, and hair care if I go on a trip. (Squeezing in the full-size deodorant and a little dry shampoo are still a bit tough sometimes, though.) Here's what I'm currently tossing in my makeup bag!

1. MAC Huggable Lipcolour in Bare Hug, $20.00 -- It looks like a shocking pink coral in the tube, but it applies as a soft, slightly glossy, slightly warm pink. It's very comfortable and wearable, making it a great slap-it-on-and-go shade for any occasion. I'm really impressed by how much I'm liking this formula!

2. Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Brown, $21.00 -- While I am trying to use this product up, it's not because I dislike it. Brow Wiz is one of my go-to brow products for travel, since it's very small and comes with a spoolie. The formula is softer, and the thin pencil makes it easy to get defined brows without overdoing it.

3. Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in Light, $26.00 -- This incredibly sheer product is great for travel, since it comes in a tiny plastic bottle. It's best applied with fingers and smooths in to the skin in seconds, giving you a natural, soft-focus finish. (Please note that this link is an affiliate link.)

4. Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $6.79 for 2 --  Aquaphor is my standard balm of choice; I always apply it fresh out of the shower and sometimes when I'm on the go. It manages to lock in moisture and keep my lips soft and supple without being obscenely glossy. These small tubes aren't as cost-effective as the large ones, but they're perfect for travel.

5. Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer in Fair Neutral, $28.00 -- I know everybody has been claiming that this concealer is their new BFF, but I find it just...okay. It's good for travel, though, because the pink tones in it work well for correcting my blue undereye circles. If I'm going somewhere where the temperature/pollution tend to make me break out a bit (ex: New York City), I'll swap this out for my NARS concealer.

6. Isehan Sunkiller Perfect Strong Moisture sunscreen, ~$10 -- I buy most of my Japanese sunscreens from eBay, including this guy. It doesn't work that well under foundation, to be totally honest, but I prioritize sun protection over flawless makeup. Hence, I carry this with me in case I'm planning on being outside. The bottle is small and travel-friendly, and the thin, serum-esque formulation is comfortable and lightweight on the skin.

7. Goody Spin Pins, ~$6.00 -- I bought these 5+ years ago when they were first released, totally prepared to hate them. Little did I know they would become my go-to hair styling buddies! All I have to do is pull my hair up with my hand, twist it in to a bun, and add two Spin Pins, and I'm set. Now I have a pair in my briefcase, in my desktop organizer, and in my bathroom.

8. Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape, $22.00 -- If you have dry skin and/or you hate heavy cream blushes, give this little wonderkin a shot. The shades are sheer but buildable, and the gel texture means you get a bit of a natural glow to your cheeks even without highlighter.

9. whatever mascara sample I kinda like at the moment -- God bless mascara samples, my personal favorite add-on.


  1. Do you love the Glossier Skin Tint? How does it perform over dry patches (if you have any)? I love the idea but have avoided it for fear it will collect in dry areas as those super thin formulas often do.

    1. It's hard to get me to use the word "love," but I have been using it lately. I'm still testing and photographing it, and I think I'll have a full review completed in the next week or two. How would you describe your skin?

  2. Oh il would love to see a review that would be great. My skin is normal to dry, with flaky patches due to retin-a use. I don't have a lot that I want to cover up, I normally use a BB Cream, or just powder. Also I'm in my late 40's but without tooting my own horn too much, my skin looks younger. :)

    1. My skin is quite dry and dehydrated, and it sits pretty well on me--I'll have at least one macro shot in the review, which I'm planning to have up by next week. And I never would have guessed 40!

    2. Great I can't wait! Good lighting? And 49 as of next week!

    3. Should be good lighting! I'm finishing the text up right now.

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