Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lipstick Diaries #10: MAC Scarlet Ibis and ELF Gotta Glow Lip Tint

It's the last entry in the Lipstick Diaries! Thank you, lovely people, for taking this journey with me. :)

Let's start with the "I dunno what to doooooo!" item: MAC Scarlet Ibis. This is a limited edition matte lipstick from the Iris Apfel collection. Contrary to popular opinion, I do find this shade to be slightly different from Lady Danger: Scarlet Ibis is less orange and has an overall softer quality to it. That being said, I love love love Scarlet Ibis, but looking at this picture makes me wonder if it's truly flattering for me. What do you guys think? Am I crazy, or is this less attractive on me than, say, Stila Beso or MAC Ruby Woo?!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have a glossy, sheer, morphs-to-suit-you product: the ELF Gotta Glow Lip Tint. The bottom of the tube says "Perfect Pink," but as of right now, this is the only shade available. In the tube, this product appears to be a super-soft, pastel, baby pink. When you apply it to your lips, however, it responds to your body heat and warms up to a bright, sheer pink color. Obviously, this a newer version of the "mood lipsticks" of the 90s, but...I kinda like it. It's the kind of easy-to-wear color that works well with simple beautifying looks. As a note, this color will look a little different on everybody: my face heats up easily and my lips are naturally a sheer red color, so the ELF tint turns a sheer fuchsia on me; I've seen it look much softer on other people.


  1. Does this mean you've now featured all of your lipsticks?! Scarlet Ibis really pops off your face, but not in an unflattering way, imo. Also, if you love it, does it really matter if it's as conventionally flattering as a bluer red? Warm red is far from my best color, but there are occasions and seasons when it seems a lot more appropriate than a cooler red would.

    1. Well, I think I'm missing a few, but this is at least 90% of them! :) I guess I'm just trying to keep what I love AND what will suit me, but it's just so hard to get rid of certain things.