Wednesday, September 10, 2014

REVIEW: Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + Foundation

You know I'm getting desperate for pale foundations when I start trying every matte formulation in the book. My most recent test-it-out: Makeup Forever Mat Velvet +. Advertised as providing full (but variable) coverage with a matte, "powdered" finish that lasts for hours, I figured this product would be too drying for my skin.

Hilariously, it was actually very comfortable, and it had a pretty finish. And yet I find that disappointing.

MUFE Mat Velvet Plus retails for $36 for 1 fluid ounce. I swapped for the lightest shade, #15 Alabaster, which is described as a shade for "porcelain skin with pink undertones."

The foundation has no major smell, and it applies very easily: no streaking and plenty of time to blend before it dries. However, it was immediately clear to me that this is NOT a full-coverage foundation. One layer gives me light coverage, which I can build up to medium; as you can see here, my evil chin zit and undereye circles are still relatively visible.

Nor does it appear to be a "powdered matte finish" on my face...kind of impressive, considering I have dry skin. But because it had more of a velvety finish than a powdery finish, I was instantly concerned about how it would sit on oily skin.

Like most foundations, #15 swatches lighter than it applies. It was immediately clear to me that this foundation was too dark and too pink for me. It's not quite as pink as MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW13 (see below), but it's definitely not a match for my neck. I'd peg it at about NW15 in MAC terms, with definite pink undertones.

All of those issues aside, I found this foundation relatively comfortable to wear. It didn't feel heavy and it didn't transfer.

I dotted some of my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer on my undereyes and zits, then went about my day. After 6 hours, I noticed some definite shine on my nose, plus a bit on the normal portions of my face (chin and center of the forehead). The actual coverage, however, was relatively intact: you can see that my skin still looks quite even.

Overall, I wasn't wowed by the foundation. Yes, it was comfortable, and it had a pretty finish and decent wear. But how is this supposed to last on the people it's designed for--people with oily skin? And how does something with a "powder finish" get so freaking shiny? Mat Velvet + was a decent product for my skin, and I'd finish the bottle if it matched me. But I don't think it lived up to its claims.

RATING: 3 out of 5.

From left to right: Makeup Forever Matte Velvet Plus in #15 on top, NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia, MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW13, Cinema Secrets Cream Foundation in PS501s-11. Filtered daylight on top, flash on the bottom. Please note that this bottle of NARS SG has gone rancid, so the color may be impacted.


  1. I dunno, from the pictures you posted, I think the shade suits you perfectly. And the finish looks so fresh and beautiful, it looks like you were born that way. I would say (from the pics you posted) that it would be a keeper.

    1. It was way too greasy at the end of the day, and it's definitely too pink and a bit too dark for me. My main problem with it is that it doesn't do what it promises to do.

  2. I'm disappointec! I don't think they will have a shade for me either :/ oh well.

    1. Hopefully, you can find something you like. :)

  3. I have EXTREMELY oily skin and this foundation is now my new favorite after a long time of searching through several different products. It lasts all day on me, however it does tend to crease after 6 hours- and to keep it on & get more coverage I also apply a light bit of the diorskin forever compact. In all honesty though, foundations are pretty much always a struggle. In my opinion, it is just finding the one that isn't as much of a struggle.