Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Inspiration: Taal

I had a request for more Bollywood-centric inspiration posts. I live to please, so I decided to pick a film that is particularly popular with Bollywood newbies and casual Hindi cinema viewers: Taal.

But first, I felt the urge to figure out why this movie is so popular with people who have seen nary another Bollywood film. To be completely blunt, it's kind of a shit movie. The heroes treat the heroine like a piece of meat whose only value is in her looks. The aforementioned heroine is kind of vapid and flat, and she does little more than dance and look beautifully doe-eyed (which, to be fair, is something Aishwarya Rai does perfect). The script is horrendous, bogged down with bad dialogue and blatantly obvious tropes. And it's very obvious that Coca-Cola was a sponsor: several scenes could double as Coke commercials.

Then I rewatched the film and remembered that the music is really, really, REALLY good. Also, the picturizations (the visuals that accompany the music, a la a music video) are stunning--maybe a bit odd if you aren't open to Bollywood culture, but still, stunning. And I remembered that when I was new to Bollywood, every shitty movie was a "masterpiece" to me because of the sheer beauty of it all. So okay, I get it. I won't judge you.

Let the fun begin!

Sometimes, the "she's not wearing makeup!" look the artists give Aishwarya in her movies is absolutely nude, sheer, and untraceable. But the majority of her "natural" looks are similar to what you see in the top right and bottom left corners here: matte swatches of grey and burgundy on the eyes, and a soft wash of coral pink on the lips and cheeks. It's obvious, but flattering. Also, check out the bright lipsticks on the gals in the bottom right picture--hurrah!

Man, I dig that red scarf. I don't care if it's supposed to be her scrubby workout clothes! PS: obligatory mehndi.

It's hard to make Aishwarya Rai look simultaneously beautiful and ugly, but somehow, that makeup on the bottom left manages. Is it weird that I still enjoy it? And here, there's our "truly nude-looking" natural makeup at the top!

It was so unbelievably hard to get that top right picture. And it's a shame, because the stage makeup she's rocking there is actually really cool. Also, take note of the very 90s makeup on the bottom left! That shot tempts me to try MAC Taupe lipstick, even though my coloring is the complete opposite.

It's hard to rock a powder blue crop top ensemble, but if anybody can get away with it, it's Aishwarya Rai. And I could dupe that green look! (I looks a lot like Chanel Epatant, yeah?)

Last, but not least, here's the sample song: "Ishq Bina." It's all beautiful and gorgeous until it turns in to a Coca-Cola advertisement, I swear! If you like this song (or even if this one doesn't melt your butter), definitely give the rest of the soundtrack a listen. Taal has endured for a reason.

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