Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cheapies n' Freebies Day

There's been a marked reduction in the number of hauls I post here, partially because I'm not exactly rolling in spare cash, and partially because I've made a conscious effort to be more considerate of what's currently in my collection and how much I spend on beauty products. That being said, it's always fun to splurge, especially if you can do it on a dime.

Today I spent the day with my sister and her best friend, and between the Back 2 MAC program and some great sales, I was able to score this modest haul for less than $30 total. The two MAC lipsticks are Relentlessly Red and Sushi Kiss. I repurchased the NYX cream blush in Boho Chic in the hopes that the current formulation will not contain shimmer. And I decided to try out the NYX Butter Glosses everybody is raving about. No, I'm not a gloss gal, but these really do look and sound impressive. The shade I picked was Maple Blondie.

We also tumbled in to the Pittsburgh Popcorn Company, where we noticed a couple carrying some monstrously huge bags of bulk popcorn. When I told the couple that seeing those bags of popcorn just made my day and I'd really love a picture, they offered to let me pose with them. The kind female strange is behind me on the left, and the kind male stranger is holding up the caramel chocolate bag o' goodness in the middle. I immediately shared the photo with my family, and they all loved it. It seems silly, but this it's this sort of everyday kindness that makes me smile.

Speaking of things that make me smile: charity!

My parents were cleaning out their room, and my dad was going to pitch two old pairs of glasses. I asked if he would give them to me instead so I could clean them up and drop them in to the donation bin at our eye doctor's office. My family hopped to it, and within an hour, I ended up with these prescription eye glasses and sunglasses, including a pair of bifocals that belonged to my late grandmother. Mom is going to drop them all off on her way to the doctor's next week.

We think of donating clothes and toys as a matter of course, but a lot of us don't think our very outdated glasses will be of use, and we pitch them. However, they could be Godsend to people with poor vision who can't afford eye glasses. I mean, I honestly wouldn't be able to function without my glasses, and that's no exaggeration. If you have old glasses hanging around your house, consider donating them to an appropriate charity. :)

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