Friday, May 17, 2013

Kevyn Aucoin Swatches and Comparisons

Having officially tried two thirds of the Kevyn Aucoin foundation range (the only things I haven't tried are the powder and cream-to-powder products), I think it's about time to post some fresh swatches and opinions. Unfortunately, only two of these foundations are wearable for me, and even one of those "wearable" products must be blended down my neck to hide the fact that it's not a perfect shade match. Still, I was genuinely impressed with most of these products; I wouldn't rate any of them below a three. For more in-depth reviews and opinions on some of these products, please check out my Kevyn Aucoin and Reviews tags.

All of these swatches represent the lightest shade available. MAC shade estimates are just that: estimates. My skin is neutral N5-10.

Radiant Reflection Stick foundation in 01 Shalom -- $45 for 0.34oz. Strong yellow/golden undertones, roughly NC15. Light to medium buildable coverage, satin/glowy finish. Has a strong and rather unpleasant scent that's a mixture of watermelon and musk, but the smell is not detectable on the skin. Feels cool, smooth, and incredibly creamy upon application. Super easy to blend. Recommended for oily, normal, or slightly dry skin, though those with oily skin will want to powder. Small shade range.

Liquid Airbrush foundation in Lq02 -- $45 for 0.68oz. Peachy-pink undertones, roughly NW10-15. Medium to full coverage, matte finish. Has a flowery scent that is still somewhat detectable shortly after applying the foundation--takes a few minutes to fade. Feels very rich, creamy, and luxurious, but dries quickly; best applied and blended in in sections. Half a pump is more than enough of this product. Recommended for normal skin. Moderate shade range--varying depths, but undertones tend to be very pink or yellow.

Sensual Skin Enhancer in Sx02 and Sx01 -- $45 for 0.63 oz (and it'd be astonishing if you used even half of that over the course of two years). Sx02 has pink undertones and is about MAC NW10-15; Sx01 has cool yellow undertones and is about MAC N5-10. Variable full coverage; can be sheered out with moisturizer/damp sponges or applied full force for complete coverage. Satin/matte finish. Slight powdery scent that is not detectable on the skin. Feels very thick and rich to the touch; can be difficult to blend and needs to be really worked in to the skin. My HG concealer: I use Sx01 on blemishes, Sx02 on my undereyes. Recommended for normal to dry skin; those with very dry or very oily skin will need to use powder, moisturizer, and/or primer as is necessary. Expansive shade range.

Sensual Skin Tinted Balm in Sb01 -- $48 for 1oz. Pink undertones, roughly MAC NW15. Light coverage, glowy finish. No strong scent. Surprisingly smooth, rich-feeling formula with a lot of slip. Recommended for oily, normal, and slightly dry skin; workable on very dry skin with some patience and a bit of moisturizer. Incredibly comfortable, natural, and beautifying. Small shade range, but the sheer-ness means that each shade should work for a decent number of people (ie, Sb01 could probably work for NW10 thru NW20).

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