Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Now a Fashion Tumblr-er!

Ladies and gents, I've now joined Tumblr to cross post my awful outfits and a small landslide o' inspiration! And although I've been informed that this makes me a 16-year-old hipster, I shan't get my Doc Martens in a twist. (Which I just noticed I'm wearing in every single header image--TOTALLY NOT INTENTIONAL.) You can click the image above to follow me, or find me at BadOutfitGreatLipstick.tumblr.com--and be sure to provide me with some links to YOUR favorite fashion Tumblrs! :D

Also, I'll be posting a thrifting/makeup haul soon, most likely with an accompanying video. :D I wanted to post it over the weekend, but I ended up getting uber-busy and working graveyard shift. Bonus: by the time I get around to posting the haul, I'll probably have hit up yet another thrift store. IT NEVER ENDS.

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